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People Who Bring Bliss to the Community

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Bringing a smile to a child’s face seems to be an easier task than bringing a smile to the face of an adult. However, each time my child tells me a story about this person and what they have done, I smile knowing that she is Bringing Bliss to her Community.

From the mouth of a child:
  1. She is my BFF (that’s Best Friend Forever for those of us who are not “hip”)
  2. She doesn’t yell
  3. She is friendly to everyone, even the mean kids
  4. She smiles and makes other people smile
  5. She gives BIG hugs
  6. I get to see her almost everyday
  7. She cleans up other peoples messes and makes sure our school is nice for us to learn as best as we can
  8. She likes celebrating special occasions
  9. She has special lunches with kids
  10. She remembers important days

Who could this Blissful person be? No…it isn’t Mom, or Teacher, or Principal. It is the elementary school Custodian.

Now, I know from personal experience how difficult this particular job is, both my Aunt and Uncle hold the same position at schools in Oregon. Just imagine, cleaning the bathrooms, the floors, the trash cans, the gum in all sorts of places it doesn’t belong.  The stories they could tell would rival something you would see on “Dirty Jobs”. Yet, this Custodian finds a way to make this job about the kids and brings Bliss to impressionable minds. When a child looks to someone in a job that is not the fanciest and sees them as a role model for making people happy, that is truly Bringing Bliss to the Community.

As an adult I smile a big smile thinking about the lessons being taught to children by this Custodian, who in actuality has turned her role into that of an educator, mentor, teacher, and friend. Showing young children that regardless of your role, you make a difference, you can be happy, and you can smile.

Thank you Ms. Oliver…..for Bringing Bliss to the Community and making children and adults smile!

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