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Here are four great reasons to consider buying a home today instead of waiting.

1. Prices Will Continue to Rise 
The Home Price Expectation Survey polls a distinguished panel of over 100 economists,
investment strategists, and housing market analysts. Their most recent report released
recently projects appreciation in home values over the next five years to be between 9.4%
(most pessimistic) and 30.8% (most optimistic).

The bottom in home prices has come and gone. Home values will continue to appreciate
for years. Waiting no longer makes sense.

2. Mortgage Interest Rates Are Increasing 
Although Freddie Mac’s Primary Mortgage Market Survey shows that interest rates for a 30-
year mortgage have softened recently, most experts predict that they will begin to rise
later this year. The Mortgage Bankers Association, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and the
National Association of Realtors are in unison projecting that rates will be up almost a full
percentage point by the end of next year.

An increase in rates will impact YOUR monthly mortgage payment. Your housing expense
will be more a year from now if a mortgage is necessary to purchase your next home. 3. Either Way You are Paying a Mortgage  As a recent paper from the Joint Center for Housing Studies at Harvard University explains:

3. Either Way You are Paying a Mortgage 
As a recent paper from the Joint Center for Housing Studies at Harvard University explains:

“Households must consume housing whether they own or rent. Not even accounting for
more favorable tax treatment of owning, homeowners pay debt service to pay down
their own principal while households that rent pay down the principal of a landlord
plus a rate of return. That’s yet another reason owning often does—as Americans intuit
—end up making more financial sense than renting.”

4. It’s Time to Move On with Your Life 
The ‘cost’ of a home is determined by two major components: the price of the home
and the current mortgage rate. It appears that both are on the rise.

But, what if they weren’t? Would you wait?

Look at the actual reason you are buying and decide whether it is worth waiting.
Whether you want to have a great place for your children to grow up, you want your
family to be safer or you just want to have control over renovations, maybe it is time
to buy.

If the right thing for you and your family is to purchase a home this year, buying sooner
rather than later could lead to substantial savings.