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People Who Bring Bliss to the Community
Brought to you by:
The Bliss Real Estate Group
– KW Cary

There are moments in life when you are able to escape from the hustle and bustle.  Sometimes, during those blissful moments, you reflect on people who have influenced you or made you different in some way. Those people are “Teachers”.

A teacher might be someone working in the teaching profession spending countless hours dedicating themselves to enriching the life of someone else. Teachers might be a parent or a family member who has shaped your life through daily or yearly interaction. A teacher might be someone unknown to you, someone you have never met but whose story has impacted your choices.

The Bliss Real Estate group would like to encourage you to take a blissful moment. Close your eyes and whoever the first teacher is that pops into your head….contact them! Call them, email them, send them a facebook post, send them a 140 character tweet, just to say hello and let them know you appreciate them for what they have taught you! This small act of acknowledgement will bring bliss to their day as well!

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Let us be your Real Estate Teacher!