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People Who Bring Bliss to the Community

Brought to you by:
The Bliss Real Estate Group

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In front of me stood a man, large in stature like a pro-football player, his name tag spells out the name RICKY. His face was naturally pleasant and reminded me of someone who may be told they have a baby-face throughout their lifetime. He smiles a huge comfortable grin and says, “Good morning. How are you this beautiful day?” Now, keep in mind it, was a cold, grey,  and wet type of day. One of those days you want to stay in bed and watch the fire roar. “What can I bring you to drink,” he said, still smiling from ear to ear. When he left to tend to our order my daughter said, “What a nice man, he is very happy.”We watched Ricky circle the Apex Ihop tending to his clients. He presented the same blissful approach with every table. Even the grumpy tables, the ones who just wanted to sit, not talk to anyone, and get their food, were greeted blissfully and provided the same comfortable grin, warm welcome, and stellar treatment during their experience. It was clear from watching Ricky that he wasn’t just working, he LOVES his job.When Ricky returned to our table I commented on how wonderful it was to see someone who actually enjoyed their job. Ricky responded, I have a good life and no reason to be anything other than happy. I have worked for Ihop for 37 years, as a server. This job has allowed me to put two kids through college and support my family. I open the store almost everyday and I get to bring joy to people. I see the kids, I see people enjoying good food at a good value, and I helped them enjoy their experience. I have been blessed and have no reason to be anything other than happy.”

We talked for a few more minutes and as we wrapped up our conversation he simply smiled, the warmth and pure bliss in his face was unforgettable.
Thank you Ricky, the longtime Ihop server in Apex, NC for bringing Bliss to the community everyday!