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People Who Bring Bliss to the Community
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 Sometimes there are people in the community that bring joy to strangers on a daily basis. This is true in the town of Cary, NC. There is a Crossing Guard, no one knows his name, no one knows his personal story, but every day he makes hundreds of strangers smile a little more and think about life in a big community that still has small town charm.

The act this Crossing Guard performs is a simple act, we do it every day as we drive past friends we know. Every day, I drive on one of the busiest two lane roads in Cary. Sun, rain, snow or sleet, if the school is open he is there.  I count on him to be there, I imagine what his life is like and how his history has made him so blissful. I dread the day when he is no longer there to greet me with his joy and smile.

Every morning the Crossing Guard sits on Chapel Hill Road, in his folding chair waiting for children, and as he does he waves, smiles, and mouths “good morning” to every single car that passes. Every day, without regard for the weather, I open my sunroof, put my hand out, wave and smile and privately thank him for making my day blissful from the start. I am thrilled that I am not the only one who appreciates him. Many days as I cruise by other drivers also wave or honk to honor the nameless Crossing Guard who bring so much bliss to the community.

The Crossing Guard is a symbol or what life could be like if we all took a little time to be kinder, nicer, and blissful. His simple act of kindness makes hundreds of people smile every day. His simple act of kindness brings a feeling of love and joy to a big community that still has small town charm.

Thank you Mr. Crossing Guard for bringing bliss to the community and hundreds of strangers every day.