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Bliss Real Estate Group of Keller Williams


Spring Cleaning 101

Raise your hand if the idea of Spring Cleaning gives you a little bit of anxiety, then after a few deep breaths the thought seems freeing.


Here at the Bliss Real Estate Group we understand the possible panic and happiness our clients feel.  As such, we have developed a 5 step Spring Cleaning 101 guide.  Below are the 5 steps and here is a link to Martha Stewart’s checklist and handbook (if you are feeling inspired for a deeper clean).

  1. Prepare for warm weather by cleaning vents, pads, and filters.  There is nothing worse then turning on the AC and getting a room full of dust!
  2. Check pipes for water leaks.  Take a look under your house and on the sides for any pipe leaks. You can also turn off all water in the house and then check the meter for movement.
  3. Wash or hire a service to wash your carpets. Winter weather has dragged lots of water, dirt, and mud over your carpets, even if you wipe your shoes. Now is a good time for the yearly deep carpet cleaning.
  4. Update your closet. Out with the old, winter clothes, and in with the new, spring clothes. Time to put those warmer, heavier, clothes in storage until the next time you need them. Package clean clothing in waterproof containers or vacuum seal bags are great for keeping things dry and pest free.
  5. Clean the window sills. Opening your windows will allow natural air to filter through your home, but similar to vents, you don’t want that air pushing dirt and grime into your house.  Use a vacuum to first clean the sills and then use cleaners to wipe the tracks.