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10 Things you need to know NOW 
If you are plan to buy or sell a house in the Spring!
  1. Start talking to a Realtor NOW!
    • Buying and selling is not a quick process. To ensure you are in or out of the home by Summer you should begin interviewing Realtors today.
  2. Interview at least two Realtors before selecting one! 
    • Find someone who is knowledgeable about the market and has experience with complex real estate transactions. Don’t be afraid to ask the tough questions.
  3. Prepare to interview your Realtor
    • Remember this person is going to help you negotiate complex contracts save you money, and/or help you get the most out of your property. Use our 20 question guide to help interview your Realtor candidates.
  4. Spend time with your Agent
    • Take time at the beginning to answer lots of questions with your Agent. This person needs to know details pertaining to your hopes and dreams to ensure you get what you want and need from your real estate transaction.  Now is not the time to be shy.
  5. Be realistic
    • When making real estate decisions you need to use your head, sometimes your heart gets in the way of rational thinking when it comes to price negotiation, condition, and repairs.
  6. Trust your agent
    • You hired your Agent because they are an expert in the field of real estate. Trust them to help guide you in the right direction.
  7. First impressions
    • Buyers – First impressions are not everything. Sometimes finding the right house, at the right price, means imaging yourself, your furniture, and the potential you can bring to the property.
    • Sellers – First impressions are everything. Not all buyers can imagine beyond what they see in your home. Listen to buyer feedback on showings and listen to suggestions of your Agent.
  8. Do your homework
    • While your Agent is working on your behalf they cannot do all things for you.  You need to do the homework your Agent suggests so they can do their job of marketing your home and negotiating your contracts.
  9. There are lots of fish in the sea
    • During the Spring the laws of supply and demand are in great effect. While there may be more houses on the market, those houses are being looked at by multiple people. Additionally, more houses on the market means more competition if you are selling your home. Either way, buyers may compete against other offers and sellers are competing against other houses. Talk about this philosophy with your Realtor to ensure you are working in the best interest of your intended goal when making or receiving offers.
  10. Play nice in the sand box
    • Contract negotiations are difficult and often times the biggest challenge of the real estate transaction. It is wise to take a moment when negotiating to envision the perspective of the other person in the conversation.  Often, simply looking at it from the perspective of someone else can help to make the deal a win-win situation.